Daily Schedule

Time Activity
7:00AM Wake-Up
7:15AM Breakfast
8:15AM Open Gym — trainers available
8:45AM Day Campers arrive – Warm-up and Stretching / Individual Fundamentals
10:00AM 3-on-3 competition
10:30AM Individual Fundamentals
11:15AM Lunch
12PM Free time and video tapes
1PM Activity period– beach, softball, boating, pool, tennis, racquetball
2PM Speed shooting, jump shooting, spot shooting, etc.
2:45PM Team Fundamentals
3:30PM Free throws
4:15PM 5-on-5 league play
5:15PM Dinner
7PM 5-on-5 league play
9PM Day Campers depart
10:30PM Lights Out

* Fitness Center Open Daily 6:00 am‐10:00 pm